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Muvo Ultra Blonde Petite Pair 100ml



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Petite Pairs are at the ready for ?.

  • The perfect trial size
  • Introducing MUVO to a friend
  • Gifting
  • The gym
  • Re-filling from larger MUVO pump bottles
  • Travelling
  • Nights away

They are great with the leak-proof with a screw on lid.

Petite Pair Includes:

  • Muvo Ultra Blonde Shampoo 100ml
  • Muvo Ultra Blonde Conditioner 100ml

MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo 100ml

MUVO Ultra Blonde Shampoo is a maximum strength formula that neutralises unwanted yellow and brassy tones, leaving hair supple and vibrant. 

MUVO Ultra Blonde Conditioner 100ml

The MUVO 500ml Ultra Blonde Conditioner assists in eliminating yellow tones while leaving hair more manageable and vibrant. It helps in removing unwanted yellow and brassy tones from blonde, grey, bleached and highlighted hair. This hydrating formulation is enriched with maximum strength and violet dye to ensure optimum toning.

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