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Hi Lift Leave-In Conditioner Spray Treatment 250ml



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Hi-Lift Leave-In Conditioner Spray treatment is head and shoulders above other hair conditioners. It is a multi-purpose hair spray conditioner. It improves moisture content by sealing moisture within the hair cuticle. This makes hair easier to maintain and reduces its tendency to break during combing. This leave-in conditioner treatment strengthens hair fibre and repairs hair cuticles. It helps revamp hair growth, improving hair density.

This conditioning spray features a porosity equalizer technology, which ensures uniform colour penetration from roots to ends. It is a mild formulation that is completely plant-based. It does not contain animal by-products and other additives. This conditioning treatment is also sulphate and Parabens free. Using this product instantly detangles tangled hair, controls frizz, giving hair and shiny and smoother appearance.

Hi-Lift Leave-in conditioner comes in the form of a spray for easy application. It also serves as the first line of defence, shielding hair from the adverse effects of excessive exposure to chemical treatments. This product also features a UV filter, which helps prevent the colour fading associated with exposure to sunlight and Ultra-violet rays. It is a lightweight formula and does not weigh down the hair. It is also safe to use on all hair and scalp types.

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