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CPR Nourish Solution Trio Pack



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Vitafive CPR Nourish Hydra-Soft Sulphate Free Shampoo 300ml

Restructures hair from the inside out

Binds moisture deep inside the hair 

Rich lather, gentle effective cleanser

Contains a natural, biodegradable chelating agent that removes heavy metals from the hair. (e.g. Heavy metals can go green in chlorine)

Can be used by the whole family, and especially great for active people who wash their hair often. Great for long hair, grey hair, virgin hair, permed hair, and hair that has been chemically processed once.


Vitafive CPR Nourish Hydra-Soft Silicone free Conditioner 300ml

Locks-in hydration, softness & shine

Nourishes, detangles & smoothes

Replenishes dry, damaged & dull hair


Vitafive CPR Nourish Hydra-Soft Intensive Treatment 180ml

?Intense hydration, silky softness & shine

Cell repair proteins strengthen & protect

Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity

Improves hair manageability

Triple action repair, hydration and softness 

Nourish, repair and soften dry, damaged and brittle hair with this nutrient rich intensive shine treatment. 

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